Thursday, February 7, 2008

we're back online!!!

I hate websites that are neglected and not updated for months on end...don't you? (sheepish grin) We've now moved to the Mat-Su Valley and the dust is finally starting to settle, and with a fast internet connection (we had dial-up before) I may be unstoppable. Look out!
We had a five-month transition from one house to another and I just couldn't bring myself to order more yarn until we were in the new home and totally unpacked. But we're in now and I made my order today, and who minds unpacking new yarn, anyway? Not me! I'm most excited about a handpainted mohair blend (to non-yarn people: that means striped, fuzzy, and very soft) that I'm going to be making little leg warmers out of. My daughter has finally gotten into wearing dresses (that's her in the pic, modeling her hat and mittens for me), but she goes through tights like crazy. Tights are like socks, and need to be washed after every wear due to little dirty feet. My solution is leg warmers, which, unlike tights, can be worn over and over again, providing the little princess keeps the play-doh and orange juice off of them.

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