Monday, March 24, 2008

we share our blankies in this house

This is the same blanket in that photo on the right, but two years later and snuggling the toes of his big sister.

We had a cozy and busy day rearranging our entire house. Seems that when you move somewhere, you can't just put a computer any old place you want it, unless where you want it happens to be where a cable jack is. wasn't. Where we wanted it, that is. So for the last several weeks we've modified our plans until the magical day arrived...and we got something called a router (did I spell it right?). People who know things about computers (not me) told us that if you get this amazing router thingy it will let you put a computer anywhere you want it and still have internet connection and all that. So. We got one, tried it out...and it didn't work. Apparently you need to have a card or cartridge or a different computer or just spend more money to get a router that works with our computer. Aha. We returned that one and spent a little more, waited another week and the REAL magical router came. And worked. No kidding! But we had to do ring-around-the-rosie with a buffet, an armoire and a bookcase to get there. And I am in the kitchen --which is where my computer was supposed to be all this time until tech-reality interfered with my grand plans -- and smelling leek and potato soup simmering on the stove (if you check the time, yes, we're having dinner at 10 pm. This is pretty normal for us). Have a terrific night!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

warm little leggies

In which we feature the feet of one of my favorite models...if you look real close, you can see stray mohair clinging to her toes.

And one of my other favorite models -- a big two year-old!! -- stretching in his sweater.