Friday, April 18, 2008

real knitters...

People have a lot of opinions on what it takes to be a real knitter, ranging from "can hold two needles for more than three minutes without dropping one of them or skewering anything" to "can knit a project requiring at least six itty-bitty double-point needles and possibly an alcoholic beverage."

Way--yull...I made requirement number two!! (Which, I have to say, I think I am better at sometimes than requirement number one) This is a glove for my husband (he has two hands, but this is the first one and the second is still in the ribbing stage) which I have finished (finished, meaning it now has fingers and a thumb) but have been too lazy to take a photo of so far. Will get to it once I have a matching set. And I know the photo only shows 5 needles (notice they're two different sets?) but that was before I started knitting the fingers. And since I'm working like mad to get ready for CPC's annual Spring Tea, it will be about three more weeks before you (or me, or my husband, for that matter) get to see it.

Unfortunately, I think we might finally be out of snow for the year --after 8 more inches last week!-- so the gloves won't be of much use.

At least, until next fall.

Unless we get snow in May.

Like we did in April.