Thursday, June 12, 2008

sold out!

On my daughter's 4th birthday a few weeks ago, we stumbled into a beautiful local shop called Mimi's Closet. Imagine the most enchanting walk-in closet possible, with gorgeous linens, cotton dresses, silk scarves, guessed it...sweet baby things. I ogled, touched fabric, drooled at little-bitty crocheted lace edgings, chatted with the woman behind the counter, and left my card. I called back a few days later to talk to the owner, who was gracious with both her time and her business sense.

Then...we met last week to discuss carrying Baruch's Lullaby products, and she snapped up ALL of my sweaters and all but two pairs of booties (insert hysterical screaming here)! Fortunately, I have a whole drawer-full (spellcheck, please?) of stuff to be felted, including about a dozen more pairs of booties. Locals can find Mimi's Closet in the Meta Rose Square in Wasilla.

The other new venue is Lotus, an almost-brand-new shop that is florist/coffee shop/gifts all in one, and the gifts are all locally made. I love the partnership of supporting a small business that turns around and supports so many others. Lotus is in Wasilla at the corner of the Parks and KGB, across the railroad tracks, and next to Three Rivers. And if you don't know what any of that means, you're not local and probably can't get there anyway. :)