Saturday, July 5, 2008

photo shoots

This is Ireland with her new bag, packed full with her treasures and stuffed animals.

I think she's a bit camara-happy, she hammed it up so much that most of the pics were blurry. Vince and I were on the front porch, coaching her, "Stand on this spot, honey, turn that way, and look at me!" We'd get the right angle and right as I was taking the picture she'd start jumping up and down, waving her bag, pulling on her hair...while our neighbors drove by, staring at us.

And this is my little friend Annika, who started (and stayed) pretty little but is now a filled-out chunky monkey, finally fitting into her hat. She didn't jump up and down during her photos, but we did have a hard time getting her to stay in an upright position. We'd prop her up with pillows and zoom in, and she'd slump over right as I was clicking the button. I did get a good close-up of the stitch definition on the hat, though!

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bacon lady said...

cute girls! tee hee... WHO are their mothers???? :)