Thursday, October 9, 2008

a couple of gifts

Our anniversary (11 years!) is next week, and as an early gift Vince gave me a laptop. We don't buy big expensive gifts for each other, and we usually pray pretty hard over most purchases over even $100, so this is a big event! But it was one of those "gift for you= gift for me" kind of deals, because now he gets to go on the (old) computer whenever he wants and doesn't have to fight with me over it. And I have a new computer, all to myself. Sort of. But I'm still trying to figure out new programs, and the littlest things drive me crazy - like how the photos upload differently, and you preview things differently, and how the mouse is one of those little rub-pad thingies that scroll sometimes, click other times, and sometimes just sit still if you didn't speak nicely enough to it. So...all that to say, he has been on this new computer almost as often as I have been in order to fix all of the quirks in it (read: downgrade it to the same quality as our old-school computer so I won't be tempted to throw it out the window).

We made another big purchase last week, too. After months of garage sale-ing, antiquing, thrift store hunting, and craigslist searching, we finally found the yarn cabinet I've been praying for. And old 1930's kitchen hutch is now dominating our living room and I love it! This, too, was one of those "gift for you=gift for me" things, because a variety of knitted baby items and knitting accoutrements were beginning to take over our closet -- and it's a nice walk-in closet, so we're talking serious yarn storage problem here-- and Vince was going to start finding knitted baby booties on his sock shelf if we didn't take drastic measures.

But now we come to the part of the blog where I have to explain why I have no pictures to show you ...and did I mention how helpless I am with technology?

The pop-up blocker is set up and I can't even figure out how to get a picture on here. Surely there is fancy geek jargon for what is wrong with my brand new computer, but I don't know what it is. Unless it's just pathetic operator error (guilty!).

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Melanie&Chris said...

If your new 'gift' is working off of Vista then Chris and may have some suggestions for you. I should come and see your new hutch and have a nice knit and sit with a mug of tea sometime soon.