Saturday, June 20, 2009

chamberlain's shower

Chamberlain and I were completely spoiled by our shower last weekend! I arrived late (umm...make that very late) to find ten cars in my driveway and along the road, and everyone making themselves at home without me! (which was totally fine, of course!) But I wasn't the last to show up - a few more people came after me, so that made me feel better. :)
Having three kids already at home, the main thing we need is diapers! I know in some places it's completely unacceptable to have a shower for second, third, or subsequent children, but fortunately in Alaska it is not (we have other weird rules, like not wearing outside shoes in the house - a big no-no in most homes here).

And I am still taller than all of the diapers. So there.

A partied-out little dude - this is how I felt afterward, too, but I couldn't find anyone to carry me in a front pouch (sulk).