Monday, July 13, 2009


Chamberlain Sooth
11:21 pm
7 pounds 9 ounces
21 inches long

I am, at length, the happy mother of a daughter! Rejoice with me, all womanhood, for, lo! A champion of the cause is born! I have dedicated her to this work from the beginning. May she leave her impress on this world for goodness and truth.
~Elizabeth Cady Stanton, suffragist, abolitionist, and pro-life activist

Friday, July 3, 2009

in her own words

After checking various news sources and finding them all wanting, content with sensationally giving half-truths and speculation - I read Sarah Palin's actual speech.

The whole thing. You know, in context - which is how you won't get it from the various news sources who have all (ALL! amazing) chosen to pass on an account of the story as ignorant and biased as they are, with the expectation of keeping their readers equally ignorant and biased. So - for those of you willing and interested in doing more than just spouting off more half-truths and speculation, here is the link to Sarah's speech - which most news sources aren't giving out. It hurts their agenda.

Sarah's own words are HERE:

And in my own words...liberals who want to gloat should be afraid. Be very afraid. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

while we wait

This has been a sweet time of waiting and anticipation. Early labor started last Thursday so we've been taking it reeeeally easy around here and sticking pretty close to home.

Even the cats know something's up, and Sophie, in particular, has been sticking to me like...well, like white on Sophie.

I never got around to making this little girl her own baby sweater... so I took the easy route. No, no, no - the easy route is not to go to Target and buy some cheap made-in-China acrylic sweater (egad, what were you thinking?!?). The easy route is as follows: Find older brother's baby sweater. Add crocheted ruffles to bottom edge. Exchange plastic grey button for something fancier. Maybe gussy up the cuffs or collar with some scalloped edges. Finally, embroider white and pink flowers on it and viola! You have a very nice little girl's sweater.

I know. It's not done yet.

But!! I finally finished Chamberlain's blanket and hat! See? Mohair and cotton/wool blend out of my stash. My most ambitious project since then has been to sit at the little table with a huge Norman Rockwell puzzle that I picked up for a dollar last week at a garage sale. It goes like this: Sit with the puzzle for half an hour, do laundry for ten minutes. Sit with the puzzle for another half an hour, go to the bathroom, sweep the floor, and come back to the puzzle. Very taxing, I know. But add contractions to it and then you'll sympathize.