Saturday, August 8, 2009

like a mosquito in a nudist colony

I had the blissful experience today of the day to myself, at home, just me and Chamberlain, knitting, nursing, reading, writing...I have a wonderful friend (a kindred spirit! Truly!) who took the three "big kids" (isn't it crazy how quickly they become big when there's a newborn in the house?) for the day and I was left here on the couch just wondering what to do - like I'd won the lotto and had no idea what to spend it on first.

I did NO HOUSECLEANING. The broom is still in the hallway where I left it this morning, with the dustpan and pile of dirt on the floor next to it. So there.

I guess I did do a couple of dishes...if you count the bowl and spoon I took out of the dishwasher for my lunch (which was soup).

And the bowl and spoon I took out of it for dinner. Which was, um, ice cream. Moose tracks, to be specific. YEAH, BABY!

I finished a book.

I took pics of Chamberlain in some new hats I made.

I sang louder than the ipod.

There were no timeouts, temper tantrums, spilled messes...and when they got home, we hugged and talked and had bedtime. A beautiful thing!


Princess Daffy said...

Love hearing about your special quiet day with that perfectly pink and plump angel! Thanks for sharing your precious day :o)

xoxoxo, Daffy

Kathleen said...


Christie Cottage said...

Such a beautiful baby!!!

LOL about the broom and the dust pan! My mop is sitting on a spot of something that was spilled under the table. It's "soaking" LOL

Thanks for letting me feature you on my mlog today!