Saturday, September 5, 2009

slacking off

I know, I know. You have expectations. You come here and expect something witty and clever, like maybe a funny story about the kids, or something exciting going on in our lives, or, at the very least, my opinion on the latest political news which causes you to either cheer and clap or leave the page and not speak to me for a couple of weeks (insert shameless grin here)... but here it's been daaaaaaays and I've posted nothing.

Sorry. I've been...

...making mittens, mostly. I mean, aside from the nursing, burping, changing diapers, reading to kids, fixing owies, and breaking up fights that I figure you already know about. But aren't they pretty?

Also happening around here is The Harvest Party For The Sucky Gardener. Since our garden's been a bust for TWO YEARS in a row, I spent the better part of a Sunday re-potting plants and giving homes to all of my little snippings that have been growing in jars, wine bottles, and vases for the past year. They're much happier now.

I made Chamberlain another hat (I know, another one -but you can't be too young to properly accessorize). Cute, hmm? There's another one like it for sale at my shop!
I've learned (and remembered) things that you can and cannot do while nursing a baby. Example: you can read a book while knitting with double-points. You cannot wipe chunks of spit up down the back of your left shoulder with your left hand.

But alas - what I'm not doing is reading Don Quixote, this month's book for Colloquium...I've been spending way too much time with those rascally Karamazov boys. Still. But they start to grow on you after the first 400 pages.

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Kathleen said...

Too funny! I have a ragged little bunch of snippets that need planting, too - I think I am motivated now =)

Love your very refreshing blog! fun!