Thursday, December 31, 2009

in the news!

Ever googled yourself? C'mon, admit it. It can be frustrating if you have a common-ish name (or even, not too common - I'm amazed at how many Shannons there are with a certain Spanish last name out there!). But I love googling Baruch's Lullaby. It's me, incognito! Sometimes I recognize the article (the author notified me) and sometimes it's a total surprise. You crafters and sellers should try it for yourself! Kind of a back-door way to find out what people think and what they are saying.

Here are a couple from December...

-The Art of Gifting Locally from the Alaska Dispatch

-the Deusprovidebit blog

...and you might've seen this if you saw it on the CAST thread on Etsy. It wasn't "google-able," but it was recognizable (by my sister-in-law, at least - thanks for the tip!) - and though the story is sad, the baby is precious, and his hat is cute, too!
Just pretend the caption under it says, "Knitted hat by Baruch's Lullaby." Because it was! Yay!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Feature in an EXPOSED treasury from VickiDiane coming are some of the pics!

Wait...what is an "exposed" treasury? VickiDiane has become a little famous for these. They are treasuries that expose the artist behind the shop...hence, the inclusion of ME in the photos. But they're also incredibly popular and always at the top of the "hot list," and bring in a ton of publicity. Which I love. That's all.