Friday, June 25, 2010

welcome to summer!

I'm on a couple (ahh...a few...maybe...five?) amazing teams on Etsy. And I do play favorites - a couple of the teams I absolutely love. I love the members, I love the mission, I love the talent. So here is a summertime smorgasboard of some of my very favorite shops. I hope you find something you love here, too!

vintage pastel flower pots by Bird-in-Hand

vintage quilt snippet from Wordz of Life - I've bought several of these and they are all of them hangs above my work table.

colorful quilted pillow cover by Studio Cherie

organic lemon jelly by Swan Mountain Soaps (these guys are local and fabulous!)

crackled glass hairpins by Sue Runyon Designs

baby jackrabbit ACEO by Tapestry316

Stangl pottery leaf dish by Sweet Rice
These are not all of my favorites, of course. I can't possibly fit all of them into one post, so I'll try to spread the love a little more later, too. ♥

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

well, honestly...a candid shot

Here I am. No make up, a little sunburned (Irish-ly tan, don't you know), working on the computer. Yes, that's an unwashed rice cooker behind the laptop. And, yes, those are some sad little seedlings waiting to be planted outside (the five-foot dowel rod was inserted by our oldest, out of concern that one of the plants needed a little, um, propping). That's a homeschool map under the counter by my feet. No glamour, just life. Isn't my littlest model cute, though?

I love normalcy. Simplicity. There is a pie crust crimper in one of our toy baskets. Our couches and other furniture are regularly de-frocked of their cushions and throw pillows in order to be utilized as fort materials and gymnastics mats. We wade through cats and small children like we're in a constant low surf. This is real life, no frills...and I love it. ♥