Saturday, February 19, 2011

a very moose-y post

Well, hello there!
This lovely lady and her little guy stopped by this morning - she was standing right next to the passenger door of our pickup when my husband had to leave for work.

He explained to her that it was not "Take Your Moose to Work Day," and she wandered off in search of some other good-looking commuter.
She came back at lunchtime and dismembered a willow tree.
I was eating my lunch, watching her...while she was eating her lunch, watching me. We bonded.
She got tired of willow and took out our highbush cranberries.

She really is beautiful - long eyelashes, cute fuzzy ears...she let us watch her for about ten minutes while her kid lurked around our burn barrel and got into our compost. We had a great science lesson, noticing how she chews, how her knees in her back legs bend backwards, the difference in her coat along her "mane" and chin and the hump on her back. This is what homeschool is about!

This is the baby, taking off for the compost pile. ("Wow, Mom! Look!! These guys have bok choy!")