Monday, March 28, 2011

giveaway, numero dos!

Okay. This one is a little more tricksy. Ten days and lots of ways to enter. Completely shameless marketing. We will run this giveaway from today until Thursday, April 7th, 11pm AK time, for another $25 gift certificate. I will draw the winner's name using Ready? Ready? Okay, go! 1. Link a Baruch's Lullaby item of your choice (one of your favorites) to your personal FB page (not your business or fan page), and make sure you tag Baruch's Lullaby (type @Baruch's Lullaby and it should come right up if you are already a fan) so I know that you did it and can keep track. Limit of one entry per day for the ten days that the contest runs. = 1-10 entries.

2. Become a follower of this blog and leave a comment here to remind me that you did it. :) (I do have "mommy brain" sometimes...) = 1 entry
3. If you have your own blog or website: add the BL button (over there--->) to your blog or site. Be sure to leave a comment here that you did it. = 3 entries
four little lefty Lullabies

4. Also for bloggers: Write a short post about this giveaway and link our shop, blog, and FB page in your post. Please comment here with the link! =5 entries

Existing followers and those who already display the BL badge count as entries, as long as you post a comment (with link if applicable) to let me know.
Alright, friends, them's the rules. As I write this, Mr. Baruch's is organizing donations for our massive garage sale adoption fundraiser coming up. Thank you for supporting our business and our adoption! ♥

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

it's a...giveaway!

...because our facebook fans are amazing. You guys really are a huge encouragement to me. And most of you seem to relate to my life of cleaning up "felted" toilet paper, folding piles of laundry, and otherwise wading through a houseful of small children while also balancing education and small business. Simply, you guys rock.
So, up for grabs (well, not entirely, but sorta) is one $25 gift certificate to Baruch's Lullaby. Not totally for "grabs," I guess, but very easy. This is so simple, even I can figure out how it works.

But wait...let me just say real quick that this is Giveaway Number One of 2. Giveaway Number Two will be a little different, and will happen shortly after this one. But for now, details:

1. Refer people to our Facebook fan page. Ask them to post on our wall that you sent them. If they would like to join the contest, they can also refer people to our page.

2. That's it. There is no #2. (See? I told you this was simple!) The person who sends the most people to "like" our page by 11 pm (AK time) on March 25, 2011 wins. Easy enough?

As our adoption gets closer, your word-of-mouth support helps us incredibly. So tell your friends about us! Tell them that we love kids. Tell them that we make gorgeous products (if we do say so ourselves). And tell them that we, too, know what it's like to change a dozen diapers a day and walk around unknowingly wearing dried baby boogers while still being a fashionista (okay, never mind...don't tell them that!).

At first I thought we would give away a particular item, but this way the winner gets to choose! Here are a few things from our shop that a $25 gift certificate will pay for (these prices do not include shipping):
- thumbless baby mittens ($13 or $17, depending on size)
- crocheted hairband/neckwrap ($18 - more colors on the way)
- a hair kerchief ($22)
- most of our hats (starting at $16)
- some of our scarflettes ($22-25)
- a knit neckwarmer/cowl for all ages ($18)
- pair of small baby booties ($25)
- felted winter mittens ($20 or $24, depending on size)
...or, it can significantly reduce the cost of any of our other items. :)
I hope you find something you love. Thanks so much for stepping out into the downpour with us as we hold out our teaspoon to collect a couple of raindrops (and if that doesn't make sense to you, please see this post). He moves us!