Monday, March 28, 2011

giveaway, numero dos!

Okay. This one is a little more tricksy. Ten days and lots of ways to enter. Completely shameless marketing. We will run this giveaway from today until Thursday, April 7th, 11pm AK time, for another $25 gift certificate. I will draw the winner's name using Ready? Ready? Okay, go! 1. Link a Baruch's Lullaby item of your choice (one of your favorites) to your personal FB page (not your business or fan page), and make sure you tag Baruch's Lullaby (type @Baruch's Lullaby and it should come right up if you are already a fan) so I know that you did it and can keep track. Limit of one entry per day for the ten days that the contest runs. = 1-10 entries.

2. Become a follower of this blog and leave a comment here to remind me that you did it. :) (I do have "mommy brain" sometimes...) = 1 entry
3. If you have your own blog or website: add the BL button (over there--->) to your blog or site. Be sure to leave a comment here that you did it. = 3 entries
four little lefty Lullabies

4. Also for bloggers: Write a short post about this giveaway and link our shop, blog, and FB page in your post. Please comment here with the link! =5 entries

Existing followers and those who already display the BL badge count as entries, as long as you post a comment (with link if applicable) to let me know.
Alright, friends, them's the rules. As I write this, Mr. Baruch's is organizing donations for our massive garage sale adoption fundraiser coming up. Thank you for supporting our business and our adoption! ♥


Mommy Time said...

i'm now a blog follower =)

Dawnmarie Huerta said...

Now following your blog (Dawnmarie/Forever Andrea)

Dawnmarie Huerta said...

Put your button on my blog.

Dawnmarie Huerta said...

I did a little post with some live links and all the info. Check it out. :)

Anash said...

I posted your button to my blog at

email: anashct at yahoo dot com

Anash said...

I follow google connect "anash"
Thank you kindly.
anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

TinaP said...

Just started following your blog! Hope to win!

Steampunk Funk said...

I'm a follower!

Steampunk Funk said...

I wrote a post about you on my blog!


Lacey said...

I posted to facebook (as Gremlina) & LOVE the hats--i think we need one...adorable.

Kathleen said...

Wow - lots of chances to win - hope you do really well at your yard sale, too!