Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Homestudy fee = $1500

Travel costs for 2 parents and 2 trips from Alaska to Sofia, B***aria = $5,600-7,200

Agency fees = $5,500

B***aria adoption fees for two children = $12,000

Two one-way children's tickets from B***aria to AK = approx. $3000

Bringing two children home to a family, where they will be tucked in warmly every night = priceless

This is just a glimpse of what we are looking at...there are other out-of-pocket expenses (Fed-Ex wiring fees, post-adoption costs, CIS fees, training costs, etc). I did the math, and I would have to knit a combination of approximately 1,700 hats or pairs of mittens to pay for it all (hey, I'm fast, but I'm not that fast). Fortunately, some of our wonderful friends have partnered together to sponsor an auction fundraiser, donating their products to help pay for our adoption expenses. (Bless you!)


You can find the items up for bidding on our facebook page in the Adoption Auction Fundraiser album here. New items will be added often! Bid via the picture's comments in the album, and when the bidding closes for a particular item I will announce the winner here on the blog. You can pay for your item(s) by hitting the "donate" button over there ---> and after we receive your donation, I will contact the artist with your shipping info.

Thank you! ♥

Friday, May 6, 2011

pins and needles

Adoption news is coming forthwith. That's a fancy way of saying that I hope we'll have some really exciting news and some answers to our questions soon, because there are two beautiful children in Bulg**** that we want to be a family to. (!) Really. Okay, breathe now. (in, out...phew)

In the meantime, we are brainstorming fundraising ideas, doing lots of research, and not getting nearly enough knitting done. We are looking at raising $30 - 40,000 in probably less than a year...that's a whole lotta mittens! (No! Don't stop breathing!)

So, since I only have two hands (but can you imagine how fast I could knit with four, though?) we'll be doing some other fundraisers, too. Stay tuned for some gorgeous items (knit and otherwise) to be auctioned off! Support adoption, bring children home to their family, AND get something nice for yourself to show for it. You win, we win, our kiddos overseas win...everyone's happy. The way it should be. ♥