Friday, May 6, 2011

pins and needles

Adoption news is coming forthwith. That's a fancy way of saying that I hope we'll have some really exciting news and some answers to our questions soon, because there are two beautiful children in Bulg**** that we want to be a family to. (!) Really. Okay, breathe now. (in, out...phew)

In the meantime, we are brainstorming fundraising ideas, doing lots of research, and not getting nearly enough knitting done. We are looking at raising $30 - 40,000 in probably less than a year...that's a whole lotta mittens! (No! Don't stop breathing!)

So, since I only have two hands (but can you imagine how fast I could knit with four, though?) we'll be doing some other fundraisers, too. Stay tuned for some gorgeous items (knit and otherwise) to be auctioned off! Support adoption, bring children home to their family, AND get something nice for yourself to show for it. You win, we win, our kiddos overseas win...everyone's happy. The way it should be. ♥


Steampunk Funk said...

Shannon that is a great idea! May I donate a piece for your auction? Tell me what would auction best and I'll make it for you and ship it out. ~Angie~

Jessie said...

Great idea! As soon as I get everything together, I'll send pics and info for what i'd like to donate for the fundraiser (from JessikiReeve Crochet). This is so exciting!