Tuesday, August 9, 2011

because I can't wait

I just have to do something. You get that way, ever? The hurry-up-and-wait syndrome has me by the nape of the neck and I just need to shake it back sometimes. So.

First, quick adoption update - our kiddos (a boy and a girl, if you're new around here) are a l m o s t officially on hold for us. What does that mean? It means that shortly after their government reconvenes (it's on vacation, don't you know) they will be officially waiting for us. Not officially adopted yet - that's different and comes a little later, of course, but this is the next big step.

So we wait, and work our tails off in our own country with paperwork and fundraising and knitting mittens and crazy love hats and crocheting scarves and loving our kids and fabricating ridiculously long run-on sentences. Because what else can you do when you have two children across the world that are supposed to be yours and you can't hold them yet?!?

Another thing I thought I could do is have a giveaway on our Facebook fan page. Please, distract me.

Same as before...it's easy - simply refer people to our Facebook fan page (because I'm too ADHD right now to handle more than 1 rule) and have them write on our wall that you sent them, so I can keep track. That's it. Once they "like" our page, they can send friends over, too, and enter the giveaway also, if they want. Whoever sends the most people to us gets a $25 gift certificate to Baruch's Lullaby. Sound good? Let's run this from now until...ummm (checking calendar, looking for a day that randomly ends in "y") ...Friday, August 19th, 9pm AK time.

Your word-of-mouth support helps us incredibly! We are expecting around $4000 in fees that will be due over the next month or so, and shortly after that we'll be looking at airfare expenses from Alaska to B***aria for our first trip over. We are not worried in the least because God has this thing covered front, back, and sideways. Thanks so much for your support and prayers as we bring our kids home. ♥

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Mukkove said...

Great news! These two will be so blessed and bless you as part of your family. Your posts always make me smile. I'll see what I can do about sending people your way.