Tuesday, August 2, 2011

down time

I love down time...time to kick back and read, or play a game, or put on the hiking boots and find some hill to climb. We've been squeezing in a little less of that this summer with all of the adoption stuff going on, but we've still got a few months up our sleeve before the snow flies. Here's what we've been up to with the little Lullabies, outside of knitting...

I started this quilt (I think?) two years ago. Pieced the first four rows by hand, because I'm crazy like that, then finally got desperate enough to break down and learn how to thread the bobbin on the sewing machine my grandma gave me years ago. It's coming along nicely now...hope to have it done by Christmas for a special little strawberry-haired girl I know.

Here is the oldest Lullaby climbing trees at a friend's house. The kids were playing tag, and he thought this was a great way to avoid getting tagged, until someone grabbed a flip-flop and chucked it at him. They missed. But after several tries, the flip-flop-wielding child requested their grandmother's help, and so Nana got into the action (she's a friend, so I don't mind if she throws shoes at my firstborn, really) and I think she finally just barely brushed his foot with the projectile.

This is what all the big-time models do between photo shoots, right?

Did a little camping and piggybacking at Eklutna Lake. Still on the list - Gold Cord Lake, Hatcher's Pass, and blueberry picking. Hope you all are having a beautiful summer. ♥


Alaena said...

It's so great to see kiddos outside and running around, and even *gasp* climbing trees! So many kids don't know how to have fun these days unless it requires a remote control or a keyboard. Yay for fresh air!

Becky K. said...

Hi Shannon,
It is so beautiful there! Glad you are getting some time to enjoy it.
You will let me know who to mail the hot chocolate mug to?
I'm glad you gave your blog address, I'll add it to my sidebar so I can visit more often.
Becky K.
Good Neighbors Candle Co.

Sue Runyon said...

It's so beautiful there in AK in the summer. I miss it! Miss C is getting to be such a big girl.

MYSAVIOR said...

Love your beautiful family.