Friday, September 16, 2011

of toadstools and fireweed and yarn, oh my

These are mushrooms from our yard. If I were any shorter, I would live in one of these, and Handy and Hefty Smurf would vie for my affection.
 This is fireweed, the plant that says "Alaska" more than forget-me-nots.
 This is a Crazy Love hat in progress, now finished and purchased, ready to be shipped to one of my fave customers.
These are miscellaneous yarn pieces, too small to wrap packages in, too small to be stripes on even the smallest of hats. The kids use them as kite strings and mask ties and lego cables. 
 These are currants. Well, there's more than currants here (mostly birch and moss and grass and firewood) but since we have no indigenous red-leaved trees here (like maples...sigh) we have currants...and I take pictures of them. They knock my socks off.

This is a kitty I found in our front yard. Isn't she cute?

Some other finds...

Colorful Buttons Fine Art Metallic Photo Print 12x12  Colorful Buttons Fine Art metallic print (12x12) by Bonnie Bruno Photography

Striking Vintage Anne Fogarty Silk Scarf Striking vintage Anne Fogarty scarf by eagerhands

Fall Peasant Dress with Sash Fall Peasant Dress with sash by Rhonda D. Designs

Caramel stretch Velvet Hydrangeas- fall winter headband Caramel stretch velvet headband by Garlands of Grace

That's all I've got for tonight. Hope you are having a beautiful autumn...♥