Wednesday, October 12, 2011

termination dust

The leaves are gone. The moon is full tonight. And we wake up to frost every morning already. You know what started this, right?
 The white stuff. The almost perfectly straight line cutting right through the mountains there. 
 It's called termination dust. The end of summer. *sob* 
 This is the drive from the Matanuska Valley to Anchorage. When the dust hits, you watch it slowly creep down the mountains, a little more almost every day, until you wake up one morning, and the entire world is transformed into whiteness.
 Ahhh...Pioneer Peak. (Thanks for rolling down your window, Mr. Baruch's)

This is the same mountain a few weeks ago, as seen from the top of the Butte (yes, that's a small plane in the middle of it).
The Flats, Knik River
But we're not there quite yet. Usually the first snow comes in late October or early November. 

 The woodstove has been on pretty much every day, though. The cats love it. Isn't he handsome? And so perfectly cat-like to be washing himself in front of the hearth. What a good boy.
 We've been gathering firewood...and hey! This kitty doesn't shed as much, unless you count all of the clothes she leaves all over the house. 

We've also been updating some things...
 New style of crazy love hat, with seed stitch brim and vintage button - you can still bid on this on our Facebook page and all funds will go toward our adoption!

Updated picture of an old favorite...this guy is one of my new favorites...
This scarf is available here. I really, really love this one. The colors make me happy. 

Some other happy things...

Matanuska River and Sleeping Lady, from the top of the Butte 
Have a lovely October! ♥