Friday, December 23, 2011

here we go a-caroling

Jesus the Carpenter artwork by Francis Hook

Hark! the herald angels sing

It's A Wonderful Life sign by Alaska Chicks

glory to the newborn King

peace on earth and mercy mild

 wooden ornaments by my stepmom
God and sinners reconciled 

stockings from my talented friend Margie - we will need two more next year!

  joyful all ye nations rise 

join the triumph of the skies

quilted ornament by my friend Jeanette at Wordz of Life

with angelic hosts proclaim 

 popsicle ornament by the Professor a few years ago
quirky crocheted star by Baruch's Lullaby

Christ is born in Bethlehem

hark! the herald angels sing

glory to the newborn King 

wishing you all a very merry Christmas 
and blessed New Year
with love 
from the Baruch's Lullaby family

fa wawawa wa...wa wa, wa, wa. ♥

Thursday, December 8, 2011

our winter of waiting

Four of our kids are here. They are in the fresh snow, sledding, climbing all over each other like a litter of puppies. They are putting ornaments on our tree. They are writing Christmas lists and getting tucked in and prayed with at bedtime. They are wreaking a happy havoc and making us laugh and driving us to our knees and teaching us to be better parents every day. And throughout the day, every day, I imagine two more faces joining them.

Two of our kids are very far away, and we've never met, and I still miss them. Can't wait to hold them. Hug them. Tell them they are precious and loved and cared for. Tuck them in at night. Tell them they have a purpose and that God has great plans for them.  He does. They each have an amazing story of how He led us to them. 

Here are their faces. I am so, so thrilled to finally share them with you.

 our manly, tender warrior
 our merry little girl

 We are in Alaska. You know, the farthest-west yellow part up there. They are in the middle of board, in blue, in the-country-I'm-not-supposed-to-name-anymore-now-that-we're-sharing-photos, but it starts with a B and is shaped roughly like a rectangle, just left of the Black Sea. :)

We've paid about $15,000 in adoption expenses so far. We have about $17,000 to go, about half of which is airfare. A much-simplified breakdown of most of our adoption costs are in this post. We have no worries...God has been adopting kids much longer than we have, and He's never late! But if you want to help us bring them home, we have some ideas...

You can purchase anything from Baruch's Lullaby. Duh. You knew that already. 

Do you blog or have your own website? You can put our button on your blog. Easy. Even I can do it, and I can hardly find my way around elementary HTML. It's right over there, under "want a button?" --->

You can blog about us or share this post on Facebook. Or a different post. I'm really not picky. ;)

You can "like" Baruch's Lullaby on Facebook, and suggest our page to your friends, too. We promise to make you laugh several times a week or your money back.

You can purchase this card (or several of them!)  from MYSAVIOR Photography. All proceeds minus shipping are donated to our adoption fund.

You can purchase anything from Good Neighbors Candle and put "baruchslullaby" in the message to seller, and 20% of your purchase will be donated to our adoption fund.

You can pray for us. That's the best. I'll be honest and tell you that I don't care much about "positive thoughts" and "good vibes," but prayer is what moves mountains...even in Alaska. Thanks so much, friends. ♥