Tuesday, January 25, 2011

new at the zoo

Neckwarmers in two new designs!

One of the designs is a collar version of our crocheted lace scarves. These are fun to wear and attach easily with a vintage button, which can be worn in the center, in the back, or off to the side.

The other design is truly versatile - a super-stretchy knit that accomodates everyone from baby to dad, and can be worn like a cowl...

...or folded over for a turtleneck-look....

...or paired with a hat for extra coverage...

...or worn like a headband to cover ears.

We also have some new mittens! Same design, new color, available in two sizes:
And in other news...we are still adopting (yes!) and still waiting to hear from people from Plan A before we move onto Plan B. Hopefully we'll have a real update with real specifics real soon. We appreciate your prayers and support!