Thursday, February 9, 2012

February: adoption update

We received our verbal referral (that means B*g has approved our dossier) on 1/24, and we are still waiting for our written referral, which should be here any day now. With the written referral should come travel datesand with travel dates come about $6,700 in expenses all due at the same about a month. 

The $6,700 breaks down like this:

$2000-4000 = Airfare, depending on what the rates are when we need to buy the tickets
$2412 = in-country expenses (food/lodging for 2 weeks)
$1311 = B**garia program fees 
= $5723 - 7723 total

When we get back, there will be a little more paperwork (what else? Ha!) and we'll wait for our court dates, which will happen while we are here at home. Our attorney in Bg goes to court for us, where the adoption will be finalized (!) and Andrey and Reagan will be officially, legally, and permanently our son and daughter. Forever. 

We go back to bring them home 3-5 months after our first trip. We get their Visas there, and they are US citizens upon entering the United States. When the plane touches down, they are Americans. :)

*breathe* Air in, air out. Phew.

The remaining costs break down like this:

$1312 = last payment to Lifeline Children's Services
$808 = Visas for two children (!)
$5600 (more or less) = airfare for second trip (Two 2-way tickets + two ONE-WAY tickets for kids!!!) 
$1406 = in-country expenses (food/lodging for 6-7 days)
$1311 = last payment for B**garia program fees
= $10,437 total 

After they are home, we have four follow-up visits with a social worker over the next two years in order to file the required post-placement reports. The fees for this are relatively small (mere chump change after everything else!), approx. $500.

Thanks so much for praying and loving us through this process. We are on the downhill slope from here on out!


Kathleen said...

Praying, PRAYING, ***PRAYING!!!!!*** I remember how it seemed like time was dragging so slowly... and now it is hard to believe that Sophia has been stateside for almost a year! Lifting up your adoption, the expenses, and all of you! God bless!

Very Verdant said...

Praying for you! I can not imagine how agonizing the waiting and not knowing must be.

luvncrafts said...