Wednesday, May 9, 2012

adoption update in May

We don't have any exciting news yet. What a bummer of an introduction, hmm? We are waiting on some mysterious thing called an Article 5 letter. Some person out there who knows-it-all will probably explain this to me in the comments, but here's where I think we are:

Two weeks ago, US immigration granted provisional approval for the immigration of two very special little kids, and our documents should be filed by now at the US Embassy in Spaghettia.

Next, we get that Article 5 thingy (technical term),
then our documents are filed with the Bg government,
then they send our dossier to court,
the court assigns a judge,
then we get a court date,
then we have court (!!),
then we go get those kiddos a few weeks later.

It's a little like the hokey pokey, only it's way more confusing and there's no tune to it.

 In the meantime, our crawlspace is drying out from the great Alaskan snowmelt and we are enjoying a little lull after negotiating the use of one of our images with a major publisher and the use of some of our earflap hats for a photo shoot  with a major magazine. Whew!

Many of you are probably well into summer weather, so we're listing new kerchiefs and hairbands every few days. We're still waiting for the grass to turn green here - the faintest hint of it is just budding in our woods - but when the kids go to bed, I can settle into the couch and read by full sunlight well past 9pm again (love that!!). 
Happy May to you, friends!