Friday, March 29, 2013

all things new

OH MY GOODNESS! Have you heard?!

You're kidding me. No way.

Okay, fine. I'll tell you.

We have some new scarves...and the pattern is for sale here

...and there is this amazing 
one. The colors are incredible.

Are you doing anything special for Easter weekend? 

I spent part of the afternoon feeling proud of myself because I actually remembered to hard boil two dozen eggs (last year I just completely...forgot. Not kidding). This year, though, I'm feeling pretty good - not only are we ready with the eggs, but I have wonderful intentions of dyeing them with natural dyes this year (here and here). We're going to use what we have on hand and try turmeric, paprika, blueberries... 

I've read that red cabbage makes a glorious blue color, but a certain person who shall remain nameless (but he's married to me) forgot to stop at the grocery store on the way home tonight, so maybe we'll try that another time. ;) (Update: you can see photos of how they turned out here)

Depending on how the day goes, we'll make these cookies. We'll do a mountain of laundry, and the Professor and I will hopefully get in another chapter or two of Oliver Twist before dinnertime. And, if these guys (well, this one's a gal) stay away...

 we'll send the kids outside to play. We'll see...

Want to see some new colors of headbands and kerchiefs before we go?


or, ahem... "cafe au lait"

We've had a wonderful Good Friday here, remembering why we celebrate Easter in two days.

Religious Art Abstract Painting of Jesus on the Cross Unframed Print

Sunday is coming...and He makes all things new. He is risen, indeed!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

legwarmers for little ninjas

The combination of living in Alaska, having hard floors, and constantly sliding around like a ninja is brutal on socks.

I confess that I am a knitter that refuses to knit socks. This is a result of careful observation from the above statement and simple math. 148 hours of hand knitting a pair of socks that will wear out in one season would be a huge waste of time for me.

But I do love socks. I often wear several pairs a day, and go through them like crazy due to my mad ninja skills...and no, (another confession) I never darn socks anymore. I tried a few times with some favorite pairs. For the effort put into it, the lifespan of the sock was not extended long enough for it to be worthwhile.

I used to feel so bad when favorite pairs of thick socks would wear through in the toes and heels and meet an early demise in the burn barrel. There was still this perfectly good, beautiful, thick, warm ribbing from the top of the sock and I hated to toss it.

So. I started cutting off the feet of my old socks, and saving the ribbed tubes.

I gave a pair of them to Little Miss, and for a while she wore a pair of "tubes" around the house like legwarmers...she's three...she still has short little legs. It worked for her.

But then...I thought they were so fun that I couldn't wait for my next pair of busted socks, so I could make them longer. I grabbed some sock yarn (see? I do own sock yarn, at least) and some vintage buttons.

With the cut ends in the middle, slightly overlapping, I sewed the sock tubes together with a simple whip stitch. The overlap is a little bunchy, but they're rustic-style-cute anyway, so I like it.

Keep going...

Once I got all the way around, I went back again and crossed all my stitches so they were little X's...well, some of them were decidedly V-ish. Close enough. :)

We put a few buttons on one end (could be top or bottom).

Tada! They fit me, too...but I'll have to make a different pair for myself. These are in almost constant use lately.

What else is new...oh! New pattern available for purchase in the shop as an instant download for $5. Start now and have it ready for a blustery spring or summer day...or take your time choosing the perfect bulky yarn, and have it ready for fall. The smallest size takes only a few hours of knitting. Pattern is for approx. sizes 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months.

We have some new hairbands and kerchiefs. This silvery blue is amaaaazing...

{I have no idea what she's doing in this photo...}

Aaaand...Big Red had a birthday. Seven. Egad, Holmes.

We are still covered in snow but longing for spring, and I found some new favorites:

Fields of Love With Teal Aqua Butterfly/ watercolor print / grey and yellow / gray and yellow / Archival PrintKnitted Dishcloths Avocado Green Kitchen Cleaning Cotton

Watercolor Herbs Card Set of 4    Green Hand Embroidered Cuff Linen Monochromatic Fiber Bracelet

Knitted dishcloths by Ewenique Essentials
Watercolor butterfly print by Kelly Burmudez
Watercolor Herbs card set by Susan Windsor
Embroidered cuff bracelet by Laurel Susan Studio

Hope you all are having a delightful end of winter. We will join you in a few months. ;)