Thank you for visiting Baruch's Lullaby! We use loads of color, only the highest quality natural fibers, and yarns that are made exclusively in the US.

A little bit about us...we are a hardworking, fun-loving, homeschooling, Alaskan family of eight. Everyone helps out here with the little family business - Shannon (that's me) does all of the knitting, crocheting, felting, design, boring computer work, and most of the photos, but Mr. Baruch's (he's the cute guy behind the counter) helps out with shipping, driving, color selection, moral support, backrubs, dinner cooking, and other essential behind the scene stuff. The four little Lullabies are our product testers, models, and comic relief - and occasionally they get to help with felting, or placing stamps ever-so-carefully on someone's package. We also have two kitties who are not allowed to help in any way whatsoever - and, really, I think they're okay with that, since they get to sleep undisturbed by the warm woodstove while the rest of us are working. Sigh...cats.

We love Alaska in every season, and know the need for warmth and comfort both in the winters (whether they are bitterly cold or just fluffy snowstorms), and in the other seasons (yes, we have summer here!) on cloudy, windy, or rainy days. I love seeing my kids play in the snow (or puddles...) with their mittens, hats, and scarves that were handmade in colors picked out just for them.

Stewardship is important to our family, and we consistently support our local pregnancy centers (Crisis Pregnancy Center in Anchorage and HeartReach Center of Wasilla) with 10-30% of our proceeds. These centers support pregnant women and their families with pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, childbirth education classes, post-abortion counseling, parenting classes, STI screening, and maternity and baby supplies, all at no charge. Women in crisis deserve real help, and we are proud to help CPC meet those needs.

Oh, and in case you were wondering... Bah-ROOK. It means blessing in Hebrew. Our little ones are so precious, and we're grateful for every breath.

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